Zodiac Killer Was My Dad

Deborah Perez, a 47-year-old real estate agent in Orange County, called a press conference Wednesday to drop a bombshell: that her father was the infamous Zodiac killer, who terrorized the Bay Area in 1968 and ’69. Perez said as a child she tagged along with her dad for two of his killings and said she still has a “trophy” he kept: a pair of his victim’s eyeglasses. “I was a child and just thought I was helping my father,” she told the crowd. She said her dad, a now deceased carpenter named Guy Ward Hendrickson, was mentally ill and killed the five people police have attributed to the mysterious Zodiac killer, who wrote chilling letters to the San Francisco Chronicle and other newspapers bragging about his crimes before disappearing. Hundreds of people offer tips about the identity of the killer every year.