YouTuber Jake Paul Sued for $2.5 Million in Damages to Rental Home

YouTube star Jake Paul is being sued by his former landlords for allegedly trashing the home he rented in 2016. Cobra Acquisitions, LLC, which owns the property, is seeking $2.5 million from Paul to pay for “substantial damages” left at the home. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Paul paid $17,495/month for the home in addition to a $40,000 security deposit. When he left in December 2017, the home was in disarray, according to the suit. Paul’s antics at the property were well documented, and last summer he was accused of turning the previously quiet neighborhood into a “war zone.” In his vlogs, Paul burned furniture in the backyard, threw wild parties, and destroyed the landscaping, among other things, though Paul’s rep told TMZ that the damages were “minimal.” He has since moved into a $7 million home in Calabasas.