Not Funny

Yale Frat Pledges' Misogynistic Chant

Do they really think this will help them get dates? Yale fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon was on the defensive this week after their pledges were caught on video chanting “no means yes” and “yes means anal.” Although the chapter issued an apology and held a forum in conjunction with the university's women’s center, the national Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity asked the Yalies to discontinue their pledge activities. The university also officially reprimanded the chapter. Although 79 percent of students polled by the school’s newspaper that they were offended by the chant, other students said the frat only wanted attention. This is the second time the university’s frats have used controversial statements for their pledges: In 2008, the Zeta Psi hopefuls held a sign reading “We Love Sluts” outside the Women’s Center.