Willis Clan Meets Garbage Man

The last time we saw Bruce Willis with a garbage truck, he was surfing on top of it while escaping a tidal wave in Die Hard 3. Now that he's married lingerie model Emma Heming, who at 30 is 24 years his junior, he's going to have a new relationship with waste: His new brother in-law, Martin Heming, works in waste disposal in London and drives a garbage truck. "'I don’t live a glamorous life. I’m a binman and I certainly don’t earn anything like as much as Bruce Willis. I drive commercial waste around in a lorry," he said. The average joe has had very little contact with his newly famous half-sister; they share the same father but she grew up in the US. The Daily Mail hints that perhaps the new Mrs. Willis, who legalized her married to the movie star yesterday, would prefer not to have anything to do with her working-class relative. "'I sent her a message making sure she was doing OK and she said that they were OK. Then she took herself off Facebook, probably because of all the attention she was getting," said Heming.