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Will There Be a Fifth Twilight?

Tween girls should feel free to preemptively start screaming. Stephenie Meyer told Oprah's people that she might consider writing a fifth book in the Twilight series. Oprah Winfrey scored the only interview with Meyer to occur before the release of the film version of New Moon, the second in the four-book series about teen vampires with penetrating gazes. After the interview, Oprah's people pressed Meyer backstage about whether she'd consider writing a fifth installment. Meyer said: "I can't answer it. The way I write, it's what makes me happy. Like, I can't write when people are looking over my shoulder." She added, "I am a little burned out on vampires right now. I think I need a little break. I might go spend some time with my aliens... I may come back to [Twilight]. I did envision a longer series. But I wrapped Breaking Dawn in a way that I felt satisfied with, so if that moment didn't come, I'd be OK."