Will Dimon Replace Geithner?

With Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's popularity waning on Capitol Hill as frustration with the Obama administration's handling of the economy grows, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has emerged as a potential replacement. As the New York Post put it, Dimon "achieved rock-star status" by leading J.P. Morgan through the financial crisis and by serving as the "go-to guy" when the government needed industry help last year as Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual collapsed. Although Dimon has publicly said that he intends to stay at J.P. Morgan for another six or seven years, in recent weeks he's traveled to Washington frequently, and White House visitor logs show that he has been a frequent guest. Earlier this month Dimon raised his profile by publishing a high-profile op-ed in The Washington Post arguing the virtues of letting big banks risk collapse rather than receive government aid.