Widow Finishes Philip K. Dick's Final Novel

Whether The Owl in Daylight by Tessa Dick, widow of the legendary science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, is an attempt at posthumous profit or a loving eulogy is hard to say. Nevertheless, Philip K. Dick's dedicated fan base will likely be paying close attention to her attempt "to recreate the masterpiece that he had in mind, even though he left few clues about the story." The quirky author, who says in an interview with Self Publishing Review that at times she feels her former husband is communicating with her from beyond the grave, was one of several younger women who accompanied Philip K. Dick during a particularly psychedelic phase in his life. Tessa Dick was married to the author when he experienced what he referred to as "2-3-74," a two month long hallucination that inspired his subsequent works. Tessa Dick admits that she was forced to self publish due to lack of interest from editors.