Why We Love Angelina

Does Angelina Jolie have you in a trance? In month’s Harper’s Bazaar, writer Naomi Wolf tries to decipher just what it is, exactly, that has everybody consistently drooling over Jolie, personal sexual identities aside. Is it her bee-stung lips? Her devil-may-care body art? Her apparent altruism? Jolie has somehow managed not only to become a mega-star (and top Forbes’s list of the most powerful celebrities), she’s also made us overlook past faux pas like that creepy kiss with her brother, red-carpet overshares with ex-hubby Billy Bob Thorton, and, oh yeah, the marriage she broke up between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Wolf writes: "The magic of Jolie's self-presentation? She makes the claim, with her life and actions, that, indeed, you can get away with it. All of it."