Why Not Caroline?

Caroline Kennedy claims that she dropped out of the New York Senate race for “personal reasons”—ostensibly, her uncle’s failing health. But Governor David Paterson’s people are whispering that Kennedy’s reasons were significantly more personal than that: According to the New York Post’s sources, she was “mired in some potentially embarrassing personal issues,” citing tax liabilities and compensation issues connected to a nanny. "And reporters are starting to look at her marriage more closely," the source said, without providing specifics. Another source tells the Post that Paterson was "furious” that Kennedy had "denied him the chance to be able to claim he had passed her over, so that he could look like he was strong and independent and willing to reject a Kennedy." Another state Democrat tells the Post he “feels bad” for Kennedy. "I can't believe they're bringing up the marriage. She quit. What's the difference now? Let it go."