Why Edwards' Fake Baby Daddy Did It

The real story of Andrew Young’s long-speculated relationship as John Edwards’ “special assistant” will soon be revealed in the aide’s upcoming tell-all book—and new leaked details suggest it’ll be a doozy. Whether it was fetching Diet Coke or booking Disney World vacations, Young was allegedly indispensable to the man he worshipped, but who eventually allegedly betrayed him. “It’s not enough to say that he idolized the guy,” a person who was close to Young said. “There’s something deeper and weirder than that.” Young reportedly helped facilitate Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter, leading to a child for whom he claimed paternity. “He was glad to do it,” said Young’s friend, Bill Walser. “The deal as I understood it later was that after the election results were final, that John would step up and straighten out the issue. That didn’t happen.” Some say Young is now writing the book since Edwards never set the record straight; others say it’s for financial reasons. Nevertheless, the leaked St. Martin’s Press proposal claims Young has details of Edwards’ promises to Hunter as well as stories of other affairs. Young also may be in possession of an explicit videotape of the senator and the reported mother of his child.