Why Didn't CA Rape Witnesses Help?

"I feel like I could have done something, but I don't feel like I have any responsibility for anything that happened," an unnamed 16-year-old witness told ABC News of the Oct. 24 gang rape of a 15-year-old girl at her homecoming dance in Richmond, California. According to police, 20 witnesses stood by and did nothing as 10 male attackers between the ages of 15-21 gang raped the girl for more than two hours, kicked her in the head, and penetrated her with an unidentified foreign object. According to authorities, some witnesses even used their camera phones to record the dehumanizing attack. "They were kicking her in her head and they were beating her up, robbing her and ripping her clothes off. It's something you can't get out your mind," another witness named Salvador Rodriguez told ABC. Rodriguez said he was the only witness who attempted to help the victim but didn't call the police because he was afraid of being called a "snitch," a reputation he says could get him killed in Richmond.