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Who Will Claim Ledger's Oscar?

Thankfully one moment of the Oscars will be less awkward than the smattering of claps over the "In Memoriam" reel. The Academy has smoothed over the difficult situation of who will accept—and claim—the late Heath Ledger's Best Supporting Actor award this Sunday, provided his heavily favored performance in The Dark Knight wins. Producers say the person who would accept the award is someone "who was close to the nominee" but remain mum on details. As to where the statue would end up, the Academy navigated a tricky situation by saying the award will go to his three-year-old daughter Matilda, but only after her 18th birthday (her mother, Michelle Williams, would be the legal custodian until then). All owners must sign a legal winner's agreement stating they won't sell the award, in order to tamp down the black market for the coveted statues.