White House Fires Back at Cheney

Dick Cheney blasted Obama in a recent interview and the president's aides are giddy at the chance to link their critics to the foremost member of the "Republican cabal." "I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy," press secretary Robert Gibbs joked in response to the former VP's claim that Obama was making America less safe by undoing Bush-era measures such as torture and Guantanamo. Gibbs emphasized that by detaining captured terrorists indefinitely the Bush administration damaged the nation's moral standing. "The very perpetrators that the vice president says he's concerned about weren't brought to justice," Gibbs said. A colleague of Cheney's said he elected to speak in public after becoming concerned about the scale of economic stimulus and bailout. Despite all their differences, the Washington Post highlights several controversial Bush policies, such as missile strikes in Pakistan, that remain in place under Obama.