White House Drafting Reform Bill?

After months of waiting around for Congress to produce a viable health-care bill, the White House has taken matters into its own hands and has begun drafting their own legislation, CNN reports. But NBC News' Chuck Todd said a senior administration official denied CNN's report, and said only that Obama is planning on using "legislative language" in his address to Congress on Wednesday. CNN reported that the White House is preparing to deliver the bill to Congress after the president's speech. The "trigger option," which would allow a government-run health-care plan to go into effect if insurance companies did not meet affordability standards, is on the table, sources say. The president's speech will lay out a reform plan that will "bridge" the differences in the current proposals. Meanwhile, Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) could produce a health-care reform plan as early as Saturday that he hopes to present to the other five negotiators on the Finance Committee.