White House Didn’t Negotiate For Foley

The former employer of James Foley said Wednesday it received an email from ISIS last week saying the American journalist would be executed. Global Post then told the U.S. government about Foley's dire situation, but the White House did not negotiate with Foley's captures. "We received an email from the captors on Wednesday night of last week stating their intention to execute Jim,” said Global Post president and founder Philip Balboni. While the White House, State Deparment, and FBI were initially involved in the search for Foley after he went missing in Syria two years ago, most of the efforts to find Foley were led by Global Post and his family. "We carried the burden of this investigation very much alone for a very long time," Balboni said. In Tuesday's execution video, ISIS said President Obama must stop bombing the jihadists in Iraq otherwise it would kill captured journalist Steven Sotloff. On Wednesday, Obama lashed out at ISIS saying the group offers "nothing" and that "no just God would stand for what they did yesterday."