Where Should Men Live?

In case you’re thinking about a move, here’s a little bit of advice—head east. According to a new ranking of the Top 29 Cities to Live In, New York City has the perfect combination of weather, cost of living, professional life, dating, night on the town, day on the town, and the all-important fresh air factor. Las Vegas came in at the bottom of the list curated by AskMen.com, with a predictable 17 out of 20 score in the Night on the Town category, but only 5 out of 10 for fresh air factor. Also in the top 10 was San Francisco, edging out its Cali counterpart Los Angeles with a perfect score in the fresh air factor category (probably because it’s surrounded by water on three sides). Melbourne, at No. 2, took the top international city scoring marks in the Night on the Town category.