Love Story

When Sarko Met Bruni

Jacques Séguéla, an ad executive, invited French president Nicolas Sarkozy and former model Carla Bruni, to his home on November 13, 2007. Seven weeks later the high-octane couple got married. Lucky for us, Séguéla took notes on their first meeting, which he recently published in an unauthorized biography, the London Times reports. The impulsive president asked Bruni, a known maneater, to marry him at their first meeting and mocked the calves of Mick Jagger, one of Bruni's earlier conquests. Séguéla called the moves "an unexpected game of seduction between two wild beasts." The newly single Sarky dared Bruni to kiss him in front of the other guests, said she could be the Marilyn to his JFK, and invited her to spend Christmas in Egypt. Ten minutes after the presidential car dropped her at her home, she called Séguéla and told him, "Your chum—what charm, what intelligence, what energy, what seductiveness. But I find him a bit of a boor. I left him my number and he still hasn't called."