White House Correspondents Association President: Some of Michelle Wolf’s Jokes ‘Made Me Uncomfortable’

The president of the White House Correspondents Association on Sunday said she was not entirely satisfied with comedian Michelle Wolf’s set at the White House Correspondents' Dinner late Friday. “Some of them [the jokes] made me uncomfortable and did not embody the spirit of the night. And that is protected by the First Amendment,” Margaret Talev said in an interview on CNN’s Reliable Sources. Wolf’s jokes were not pre-screened or censored, she said, in keeping with the organization’s tradition of free speech. But she said she walked away feeling as if a “really wonderful, unifying night” may have been overshadowed by the raging debate over whether Wolf’s jabs at members of the Trump administration went too far. Wolf has faced criticism for what some saw as her personally attacking White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “Comedy is meant to be provocative,” Talev said, but “my interest overwhelmingly was in unifying the country, and I understand we may have fallen a little bit short on that goal.”