What's in the September Issues?

A crop of September-issue magazines came out Wednesday, and according to The Cut, hot is out and aging is in. Jennifer Aniston graced the cover of Elle clad in a tight leather dress, while Gossip Girl’s 23-year-old Leighton Meester appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and let experts digitally age her to appear to be ages 30, 40, and 50 in honor of the magazine’s “age issue.” Aniston “looks like she’s trying to become someone she’s not,” The Cut writes of the glam-girl cover. Is that the curse of the constantly dumped? Oversize sweaters and Smart Water ads? Conversely, fans couldn’t be happier that Meester has ditched her risqué ice cream cone licking of photo shoots past in favor of old-lady chic. Playing the part of the grandma is “ballsy,” Bazaar writes, while The Cut says Meester looks “naturally pretty” in the shoot. Maybe when you play an over-privileged high schooler, a little visit to the opposite end of the spectrum is a much-needed vacation.