15 Minutes

What Would Warhol Blog?

The Netroots Nation convention last weekend brought bloggers to Pittsburgh, home of Andy Warhol. The meeting of worlds prompts the question: What would Warhol have thought of the Internet? Or, better yet, What Would Warhol Blog? The Washington Post set out to ask Warhol’s old acquaintances just that. One insisted that Warhol would have been “a natural blogger.” He continued that Warhol would actually have had an apprentice sit with him, record all the information for him, and then post it. Bob Colacello, on the other hand, thinks that though the Internet would have suited Warhol’s voice, he wasn’t opinionated – and couldn’t type. “I don’t know what he would have blogged about,” Colacello said. But for some idea, we can turn to Warhol’s extensive diaries—in which he recorded everything from dinner conversations to taxi receipts—for inspiration. The diaries, it seems, would have made for a great blog. Or at least a Twitter feed.