What Will Obama Tackle Next?

What’s up after health-care reform for the Obama administration? It depends on whom you ask. Different news outlets are reporting different things: immigration, climate change, and campaign-finance reform, to name a few. The Daily Beast’s Richard Wolffe says it could be climate change, while the Los Angeles Times puts immigration reform near the top of the list. The Washington Post, however, says it will be two issues that will sit better with voters in November: financial reform, which is no surprise, and campaign-finance reform to help undo the Supreme Court’s ruling that will allow corporations to spend directly on behalf of candidates. “Such an agenda will give the rest of the legislative calendar, compressed by the midterm election season, a distinctly political cast,” The Washington Post says. “It will also push energy and immigration reform, two of Obama's most far-reaching campaign pledges, into the next Congress, which is likely to be more influenced by the Republican opposition.”