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What to Say About the New Coldplay Album

Whether you listen to them or not, you’ll almost certainly be asked your opinion of Coldplay’s new album (released tomorrow), so we’re here to help you out. Mylo Xyloto (yes, that’s really its title) is likely to be one of the top-selling records of the year, and Salon’s Marc Hogan says hating on the international superstars is passé. Besides, they’re not really that bad! “Coldplay are too good at a certain mode of big-tent uplift to hate them anymore,” Hogan writes. And the front man’s practiced self-deprecation adds to the band’s charm: Chris Martin once told an interviewer, “We know our lyrics are a bit shit.” Of course, if you’d rather offer a scathing takedown, haters abound to give you some guidance. For a particularly amusing critique, check out Sasha Frere-Jones’s recent blog post: “Why don’t I like Coldplay? An investigation.”