What Makes Obama Angry?

What's one surefire way to get on Barack Obama's bad side? Schedule something that interferes with his responsibilities as First Dad. Aides learned that lesson the hard way when they made the president miss one of his daughters' school concerts. "That is unacceptable," Obama told his schedulers. "Make sure that never happens again." Other presidential annoyances include the requisite makeup sessions before television appearances, overeager photographers who snap away incessantly at unofficial events like golf outings, and "people who talk too much at meetings and prevent others from speaking." Obama also hates it when staff members try to control his every move: "If you spend too much time telling him where to go, how you get there, and everything in between, it drives him crazy," an aide tells Politico. He prefers to do things his way, taking questions even when aides instruct him not to, for example. Yet in spite of these irritations, staffers say the president, who became known as "No Drama Obama" during the campaign, remains a relaxed guy most of the time.