Sticky Situations

What Happens When a Jihadi Changes Heart?

Two months ago Newsweek reported that 20 young Somali-American men in Minneapolis may have been recruited for jihad missions in Somalia. Now, the Minneapolis Star Tribunes reports, one of the alleged would-be-jihadis is back stateside, blindsiding Minnesota's divided, "traumatized" Somali community. According to a spokesman from Minnesota's Somali Justice Advocacy Center, the 22-year-old and his family fear for their safety and are in hiding. He is in talks with the FBI, who won't comment on the "ongoing investigation," but is not in federal custody. The community spokesperson wouldn't specify the man's motivation for traveling to Somalia, or how he paid for the trip, but implied that the man had a change of heart: "His expectation was not what he wanted when he went over there. ... I think he simply didn't like what he saw."