What Did Murdoch, Brooks Really Know?

It’s going to be News International Question Time on Tuesday, and it promises some drama in the chamber. Sunday’s Observer put forth a list of questions that it believes a committee of M.P.s will ask Rupert Murdoch, his son James, and former News International executive Rebekah Brooks. The trio are scheduled to appear before a select committee of Parliament over the phone-hacking scandal. Some of the questions include "Did you honestly not know about phone hacking, when so many of your reporters and executives say it was openly discussed in the newsroom?" to be lobbied at Brooks. As for James Murdoch: "What evidence of criminality was concealed at any time?" For Rupert Murdoch: "Have you ever personally seen or been aware of material derived from the accessing of intercepted communications?" It’s unclear whether Brooks will even appear, though, given her arrest Sunday morning.