Wesleyan Suspect's Troubled Life

Since alleged Wesleyan killer Stephen P. Morgan appeared in court to hear his charges Friday, a haunting picture of his life has emerged. After graduating from an elite high school and four years in the Navy, Morgan couldn’t hold down jobs, and moved back in with his parents. He met the woman he is accused of killing, Johanna Justin-Jinich, at an NYU summer class on sexual diversity, and they developed a friendship. But he soon grew enraged and began insulting her about the fact that she was half-Jewish. And, two years later, he allegedly came to hunt her down while she was working at a campus bookstore. Friends and family describe Morgan as “weird-quiet” and a “loner,” admitting that he often made “anti-Jewish comments.” Morgan’s bail was raised from $10 million to $15 million, and, though he first turned himself over to police, his lawyer said that he will plead not guilty at the next hearing.