Wescott Wins Snowboard Gold

Heading into the last half of Monday's snowboard cross final, 33-year-old Seth Wescott made up a huge deficit to catch Canadian Mike Robertson. "That kind of gap, most people—well, really, nobody, overcomes that," said America's snowboard coach, Peter Foley. Wescott made up the distance over a series of four turns and five jumps that can sap speed if not handled correctly—and win the gold if they are. "I'd made some mistakes in there earlier in the day," Wescott said. "I knew if I came back and executed it correctly, I could do it. It wasn't a situation of looking for a miracle at all." American skier Bode Miller took home a medal on Monday as well in his first event in Vancouver, the men’s downhill. Miller took home the bronze, while the winner, 32-year-old Didier Defago of Switzerland, became the oldest man to win the downhill.