Jacko's Death

Were Drugs the Culprit?

After Michael Jackson's shocking death on Thursday, those close to the Jackson family are already speculating—and speaking out—on what (and who) could have caused the King of Pop's untimely death. Some point to exhaustion, but Brian Oxman, the Jackson family's spokesman and attorney, alleged in a CNN interview that Jacko's entourage was "enabling him" and that Oxman had "warned" about prescription drug abuse. Oxman said he was with Jermaine, LaToya, and Randy Jackson as well as other family members and friends at Michael's hospital room in the UCLA Medical Center during Jackson's final moments. Meanwhile, The Wrap reports details from Jacko's hospitalization: a paramedia was summoned to Jackson's home at 12:26PM and CPR was administered. He arrived the hospital in a "deep coma" and was declared dead at 2:26. declared dead. An autopsy has been scheduled for Friday.