Here’s the Beef

Wendy’s Nixes 9-Patty ‘T-Rex Burger’

It’s not American fast-food sizes run amok; this time it’s our neighbors to the north. The burger chain Wendy’s has put a stop to sales of a nine-patty “T-Rex Burger” that was being sold in a restaurant in Canada after a joke ad caught on with customers. The burger began as gag in Sports Illustrated nine years ago, but customers still came in asking for it. So Wendy’s in Brandon, Manitoba tried it, and began selling two to three of the burgers per day. The whopping entrée included nine quarter-pound patties that add up to 3,000 calories, 200 grams of fat, and 6,000 milligrams of sodium—several days’ worth of food for the average adult. Wendy’s quickly nixed the burger, saying it “neither condones nor promotes the idea of anyone consuming a nine-patty hamburger in one sitting.”