Welcome to the White Oscars?

While the 82nd Annual Academy Awards held this past March was huge—relatively speaking—for minorities, with Precious and Invictus garnering several nominations between them, next year's awards night is projected to be a very different story. The Hollywood Reporter speculates that the fight for golden statuettes will be the whitest race the Oscars has seen in 10 years. Academy member John Singleton, who's been nominated in the past for Boyz N in the Hood said, "It's more difficult than ever to get a picture made with any serious subject matter—let alone an ethnic-themed one." Early contenders include The King's Speech, The Kids Are Alright, The Social Network, Hereafter, The Town, whose casts and creative staff are overwhelmingly white. Don't be fooled by The Black Swan's title, as it's about a group of white ballerinas.