Wealthy NY School Begs Kids to Leave Home $350 Moncler Hats

At a middle school in a wealthy New York suburb, expensive Moncler beanies are all the rage—and that’s a problem. It turns out the students keep misplacing their trending pom-pom hats, which can cost up to $350, and educators are sick of having to hunt them down. “We understand that fashion is very important to our middle schoolers,” administrators at Great Neck North Middle School wrote in a letter to parents obtained by the New York Post. “However, we have had many students who have worn their Moncler Winter Pom Pom hats to school, and either lost or misplaced them... It has consumed a great deal of our time trying to locate these missing hats, and it has been disruptive to the students’ focus and time as well.” The school is asking parents to make sure the kids leave the headwear at home.