'We Are the World,' the Remix

Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones are honoring the 25th anniversary of the song "We Are the World" by recording a remix to benefit Haitian earthquake victims, the Guardian reports. Like its 1985 original, which raised money for African famine relief, this star-studded iteration will include a song and video. Richie and Jones want to team with Usher, Natalie Cole, John Legend, and organizers are asking nominees and other stars to stay in Los Angeles for an extra night after the Grammy awards to participate. Michael Jackson, who co-wrote the song, is expected to be integrated as well. "We Are the World" will be released alongside charity tracks by Simon Cowell, and by the unlikely trio of Jay-Z, Bono, and Rihanna, which performs at Friday's telethon, co-hosted by the equally unlikely trio of George Clooney, Wyclef Jean, and Anderson Cooper.