Fighting Words

Watergate Historian Fires Back

The Watergate-New York Times controversy is heating up even further. Historian Stanley Kutler—whom, The Times reported in a front page article Feb. 1, is being accused of covering up the true Watergate role of John Dean, Nixon’s White House counsel, in his 1997 book Abuse of Power—is hitting back at the paper. “In another act of bogus Watergate revisionism, my book…and my motives have been attacked,” Kutler writes. Of historian Peter Klingman, the man behind the allegations, Kutler writes: “His editing of the tapes in question hardly proves Dean guilty of any of the things that Klingman and his fellow revisionists contend. Their thesis of Dean’s culpability as the Watergate principal remains rubbish. Klingman and his fellow bogus revisionists, now seek to impugn my scholarly standing on the basis of an allegation involving a few pages.”