Watch: Roger Stone’s Arrest in ‘Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong’ T-Shirt

Surveillance footage released by local news station WPEC shows Roger Stone’s arrest last month—while he was wearing a “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” T-shirt. In the footage, Stone can be seen wearing the infamous T-shirt and no shoes while being escorted out of his residence in handcuffs. “I was wearing a ‘Roger Stone did nothing wrong’ T-shirt, a pair of cutoff sweatpants and bare feet,” he told the news station. “They took me out to stand in the middle of the street.” He also described opening his front door to find himself “staring down the barrel of two assault weapons” with a dozen fully-equipped FBI agents on his front yard. “[The agents] essentially went through every square inch of my house,” he said. “They removed all of my electronics, my computer, my laptop, my iPad, a lot of computer disks, none of which have evidence of Russian collusion or Wikileaks collaboration or any other crime.” Stone also claimed law enforcement did this to “poison the jury pool” and make him look like “El Chapo” or some kind of “drug kingpin.” Stone was recently indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for witness tampering, obstruction, and lying to Congress.