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Was Von Brunn a Right Winger?

James Von Brunn planned, apparently, to attack conservative publications like Fox News and The Weekly Standard. Does that mean that he’s not a right winger? Jon Chait at The New Republic says that, clearly, he still is: “[A] certain strand of conservative thought is comfortable with most of the tenets of Republican doctrine with the exception of free trade and, especially, Jews, Israel, and neoconservative influence. Pat Buchanan is the emblem of this brand of conservatism. … Von Brunn is pretty clearly a violent and more extreme adherent of Buchanan's basic worldview. That he would detest a neoconservative institution like the Standard isn't ‘complicating’ or surprising at all.” In fact, he often identified with the GOP: “He cheered conservatives for getting Dan Rather fired, believed Sarah Palin was unfairly hounded by the media, and so on. Indeed, if there's anything surprising and disturbing about Von Brunn's beliefs, it's that he identifies more closely with the Republican Party than I would have thought a radical white supremacist would.”