Warning Signs Preceded Benghazi Attack

Obama administration officials are now openly referring to the tragic attack on Sept. 11 that killed four in Benghazi as a terrorist assault. Interviews with Libyan witnesses and American officials, though still contradictory, have gradually given the picture of a highly coordinated ambush. According to The New York Times, survivors of the first assault on the U.S. consulate retreated to a villa away from the main building, believing they were safe. But they were being watched by more attackers, who sprayed them with gunfire, killing two security guards. There were a number of ominous signals and minor attacks in Benghazi in the several months before Sept. 11, but U.S. officials say they were monitored and security was deemed sufficient. Ambassador Christopher Stephens, who was killed in the Sept. 11 attack, opposed adding more security details, wanting to keep a low profile and show faith in the Libyan people.