Due Diligence

WaPo Editor Defends Intelligence Exposé

The Washington Post's massive probe of America's counterterrorism efforts and intelligence networks is so in-depth that one government official called it a “ roadmap to our enemies.” Post editor Marcus Brauchli has swept to the story's defense, telling Yahoo that the paper's staffers took great care to address the national-security issues: “Whenever we believe our reporting may imperil national security or public safety, we seek input from the government or other industries that may be affected, so we can make sound judgments about what to publish." According to Brauchli, in recent months high-ranking government officials previewed the story, pointing out red flags and even removing “certain data points.” The story was kept under considerable wraps, but is now being trumpeted by TV appearances and social-media promotion. Brauchli staunchly defended the Post's right to publish the piece: "It's an important piece of journalism, and I think it goes to an issue that is of great importance to the country."