Wacko Jacko's Secret Rehearsals

The possible final chapter of Michael Jackson's bizarre career is unfolding in a building near the Burbank airport in Los Angeles. There, the king of pop has begun rehearsing for his 50-show extravaganza in London that is being touted as the most expensive, over-the-top concert to ever be performed. Rumors abound of a new dance move that will be the "moonwalk" for the new millennium, Cirque de Soleil-style aerial dancers, a duet with Jacko's son, Prince Michael, 22 different sets, and even elephants and monkeys on stage. Jackson has hired a cast of elite backup dancers and is collaborating with one of the most successful choreographers in the biz. Still, Jacko has his doubters, as he has a bit of a reputation for being—well—wacko.