Against the Grain

Vote Obama for a Republican America

Those wacky contrarians at The Wall Street Journal have an odd view of democracy. Just because the Democrats may win on Tuesday will not give them a mandate to implement the policies Obama has fought on, they argue. What? “This election is not a mandate for Democratic policies. Rather, it is a wholesale rejection of the policies of George W. Bush,” they write. “The American people are actually seeking a middle route: consensus, conciliation and a results-oriented approach to governance. We need consensus.” Good of them to interpret our wishes. Call them old-fashioned, but those who vote Democrat may just expect some Democratic policies be implemented. And it is novel to hear the Journal’s brain’s trust suddenly shilling for consensus. Over the last eight years they didn’t spend much time arguing for a bipartisan approach to governing the nation. Back then it was full steam ahead with the neocon agenda. Perhaps time—and a new owner—has mellowed them.