Volunteers Helping Harvey Victims Attacked in Houston

A group of Louisiana rescue volunteers says its members were attacked while trying to help victims of Harvey’s flooding in Houston. John Bridgers, the founder of the all-volunteer rescue group Cajun Navy, told the Houston Chronicle on Monday that one group nearly had its rescue boat stolen, while another was shot at after being unable to help a group of trapped people. Bridgers, who is helping to coordinate the efforts of more than 250 volunteers, blamed the attacks on people simply being desperate and afraid amid rising floodwaters. “It wasn’t a surprise because we had some of the same things happen in the past. You got a very limited number of people out there who would do something like that,” Bridgers said. “We were hoping that it wouldn’t happen, but it did.” Clyde Cain, another member of the group, said some people were posing as rescuers and robbing people, though authorities have not confirmed that claim.