Volcano Eruption in Guatemala

Guatemala is in a state of emergency after a volcano erupted near the country’s capital, killing at least one person and leaving three children missing, according to officials. Pacaya, one of eight volcanoes active in Guatemala, began erupting Thursday and has since covered miles of southern Guatemala with ash. The eruption left more than 65 people injured and hundreds of homes in ruins, according to officials. President Avaro Colom declared a state of “calamity” in two Guatemalan provinces and both the international airport and schools have been closed. He also opened shelters for the approximately 1,700 residents who have been forced to evacuate their homes. “We have to have calm, maturity, and do only what is essential while we see how the event evolves," Colom said. Though Pacaya has been almost continuously active for nearly a half century, the last time it covered Guatemala City with ash was in 1998.