Volcano Cloud Could Clear By Midweek

Airlines across Europe canceled over 77 percent of their flights for another day during the continued disruption caused by the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull. Accuweather, however, is predicting weather changes April 22 that might clear things up for the northern and central European nations. “Expect ongoing interruptions for the next four or five days,” said an Icelandic meteorologist. “The eruption is still in full swing, and the volcano is spewing pretty dark ashes as high into the air as 5 to 6 kilometers.” Airplane grounding began April 14 and only about 5,000 flights were expected to go out across Europe Saturday compared to the normal 22,000 on a weekend day. Eruptions could continue for months, and the last time Eyjafjallajokull went off, it lasted for over a year.