Virgin Islands GOP Meeting at Gun Range Turns Violent

A meeting among Republican Territorial Committee officials at a gun range in the U.S. Virgin Islands turned violent Saturday, local outlets report. The chaos allegedly culminated in elected GOP delegate Gwen Brady being “shoved to the ground” during a scuffle over who will represent the locality at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. According to the Virgin Islands GOP Vice Chairman Herb Schoenbohm, Brady was “slammed against the wall and thrown to the floor because she objected to the Gestapo-like tactics of the V.I. Chairman John Canegata.” The chairman, Schoenbohm claimed, used an ammunition cartridge as a gavel and walked around the St. Croix meeting while openly carrying a firearm. Canegata, however, told local papers that the scuffle occurred after Brady took cellphone footage of another attendee and threw it at him. The local party’s delegate fight involves questions over whether the initially elected group should go to Cleveland, or whether Canegata’s recently selected bunch should be the party representatives.