Violent Protest Erupts in Athens Over Greece-Macedonia Name Agreement

A violent protest broke out in Athens on Sunday in opposition to an agreement between Greece and Macedonia over its northern neighbor's name, according to the Associated Press. Protesters hurled firebombs, flames, rock and paint outside the Greek parliament building, prompting riot police to fire tear gas at them, and leaving some 25 police officers injured. The unrest stems from an accord brokered between Greece and Macedonia in June to end a “decades-long dispute over Macedonia’s name.” Greece has long viewed that the name “Macedonia” suggests “territorial claims” on its northern region which has the same name. Under the deal, “Macedonia” agreed to go by “North Macedonia.” This deal “unblocks” the former Yugoslav nation’s attempt to join the European Union and Nato, per Reuters. Opponents of the deal content that simply using the word “Macedonia” poses an affront to Greek heritage and territory. Greece’s parliament is poised to debate on the accord starting Monday and potentially vote Friday.