Violence Erupts at Jerusalem Holy Site

Israeli police fired stun grenades in Jerusalem’s holiest site on Sunday, in a conflict that resulted in the arrest of 18 Palestinian protesters. Israeli police began shooting the masked protesters who were hurling stones and plastic chairs in the compound Muslims refer to as the Noble Sanctuary, but Jews know as the Temple Mount. Israeli riot police marched behind plexiglass shields toward the young, male Palestinians, whose faces were shrouded in T-shirts and scarves. Many took cover in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the compound, where police remained for several hours. Nine police officers were lightly wounded and 25 protesters were injured by batons or gas inhalation. The conflict was stoked by calls from Muslim leaders to protect Islamic sites from alleged Israeli plans to damage them or to allow Jews to pray in them. Palestinians are also reportedly upset that peace talks with the Israelis have been stalled and that the country has continued to build in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where the compound is located.