Ominous Turn

Violence Erupts at Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong police wearing riot gear early Wednesday used pepper spray against pro-democracy protesters as hundreds of the officers forcibly cleared out part of the city’s Admiralty District, which had been re-occupied by students and other demonstrators. Reports said 37 men and eight women were arrested in the incident, and newscasts showed images of some police using batons to beat back protesters. The TVB channel aired footage of what it described as a group of officers beating and kicking a handcuffed protester, later identified as Civic Party member Ken Tsang Kin-chiu. The footage and other reports of violence provoked outrage and allegations of police brutality as the day wore on. After the skirmishes, authorities said they would re-assign officers involved in the beating. Protesters have occupied sections of Hong Kong for more than two weeks, demanding full universal suffrage in the Chinese territory.