Violence Blocks MH17 Investigation

A team of Dutch and Australian investigators have delayed their trip to the MH17 crash site in light of the fighting between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces. 49 investigators were supposed to begin work on the site, but it was deemed too unsafe. “The team of forensic workers isn’t traveling to the crash site as the situation is too unstable in the area,” said Edmond Messchaert, a spokesman of the Dutch ministry of justice. Separatists have been tightly controlling the crash site and have tampered with evidence from the flight. Australian and Dutch authorities have been negotiating for days just to let investigators have access to the site. Ukrainian forces have led a renewed assault against the rebels, killing 20 in Horlivka, a town about 12 miles north of Donetsk. Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said, "Our objective is to get in, get cracking and to get out. This is a risky mission, no doubt about that.” 27 Australians and 193 Dutch citizens died in the MH17 crash.