Violations in Army Animal Tests

Dial P for PETA. Newly released videos allegedly depicting medical testing on monkeys and goats may be used as evidence to prove that the military is violating its own animal-welfare regulations, says the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine under the Freedom of Information Act. The animals are used to train physicians in battlefield medicine and are inflicted with wounds, intubated with chest tubes, and administered drugs to simulate certain symptoms, such as difficulty breathing. The PCRM argued that alternative training methods can and should be employed; joined by 17 former military doctors and medics, they have filed a Petition for Enforcement with the Army surgeon general to put an end to the animal testing. Military officials argue that not only do they comply with animal welfare regulations, but that the animal testing provides an invaluable training opportunity. Jamie Campbell, a former U.S. Army medic, said the use of animals in medical training was "most definitely" an asset to him.