Video Shows Kidnapped Nigeria Girls ‘Alive’

Boko Haram sent a “proof of life” video purporting to show 15 of the more than 200 girls kidnapped from Nigeria’s Chibok region two years ago, CNN reported Wednesday. The girls, wearing black hijabs, reportedly stated their names, said that they were taken from Chibok, and recited the date of the recording, which was Dec. 25, 2015. Two of the three mothers of the missing schoolgirls said they recognized their daughters on the video. All three mothers and a classmate, who was at home during the April 14, 2014, kidnapping, identified all the girls. Nigeria Information Minister Lai Mohammed told CNN the teens appeared “under no stress whatsoever” and there had been “little transformation in their physical appearance.” The minister added there are talks underway for their release. Parents of the missing teens are set to hold a prayer vigil Thursday at the Chibok school where they were taken, to mark the second anniversary.