Video Shows Garridos in Action

Jaycee Lee Duggard wasn’t Philip and Nancy Garrido’s only victim: Video released Tuesday shows Nancy luring an 11-year-old girl into their van and asking her to do splits before a video camera. “Can you go all the way down?" Nancy asks the girl, who was picked up in 1993, two years after they kidnapped Duggard. When the girl asks if she’s being videotaped, Nancy says, "I don't know anything about that camera.” The new video came as part of a report on the justice system’s failure to adequately deal with Philip, who was a convicted kidnapper and rapist already when he captured Duggard. (One of the failures mentioned is authorities’ unawareness that Garrido was passing drug tests by wearing a prosthetic penis and pouring warm Mountain Dew into a cup.) Nancy says she made 10 to 20 videos for her husband; another video released showed the couple watching children at a playground.